Anubhav Jain

My name is Anubhav Jain.

I am a Research Scientist / Chemist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. I use computers to design new materials for renewable energy and develop tools to help others do the same.

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Materials Project


I work in computational materials design.

Most of my past research was related to discovering new cathodes for better Li ion batteries. Currently, I am a lead developer of the Materials Project, an effort to compute the properties of all known materials and beyond. I write a blog, Hacking Materials, which discusses the forefront of computational materials science. I am the main developer of the FireWorks software package for programming dynamic scientific workflows and executing them on supercomputing resources.

You can also read more about my research here, here, or here.

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I'm also interested in photography, music composition, and many other things!

I have several hobbies that are various degrees of embarrassing. These include photography, music composition (which I stopped doing after college), and spending a summer reviewing pizza places in Berkeley. I am also interested in graphic design (I designed the logos for all the projects on this page).

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